Record dolphin sightings on Spain’s Costa Tropical

Top boat charter operator Salinplay claim that the population of dolphins along  the Costa Tropical is at an all-time high with sightings almost every day through summer 2019.

As owner Mike Shaw Roberts explains, “We have been sailing these waters almost every day for 12 years, and we have never seen so many dolphins in the summer months as we have this year”.

Now operating 3 charter boats daily from Marina del Este, he went on to say

“We are on the water for up to 13 hours a day from June to November, and we log every dolphin sighting. This year we have sighted dolphins on 78% of all our trips, up a massive 23% from the previous high of 2017. So now, more than threequarters of our guests are having a real-life natural dolphin experience when they take one of our trips.”

Asked why he thought this was he went on to explain:

“Dolphins are not territorial (unlike whales) and they basically follow fish, which they feed on. Cooler water temperatures this summer have kept the fish closer to shore, and also kept the dreaded jellyfish away, so the dolphins are still around in our local inshore waters feeding. So, for most of our lucky guests it continues to be a win-win situation, no jellyfish and plenty of dolphins.”

To spot dolphins before the winter call Mike on 669 118 816 or go to the website