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April 2020

Hello and welcome to the online-only April edition of Soltalk. Due to the ongoing crisis we are...

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February 2020

Hello and welcome to the February edition of Soltalk. Let’s hope the world has a better month than...

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January 2020

Well not only a new year but a new decade! 2020 reminds me of good vision so let’s hope it is a...

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October 2019

Hello and welcome to the October issue of Soltalk. This month marks the start of our 19th year of...

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May 2019

Hello and welcome to the May edition of Soltalk. Well last month as I wrote this we were looking...

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March 2019

Hello and welcome to the March edition of Soltalk. There is lots happening this month both...

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January 2019

Welcome to January and the first Soltalk of 2019! Just when you thought Christmas was done and...

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December 2018

Ho ho ho and welcome to the December issue of Soltalk. Christmas is nearly upon us! Santa is revving up his sleigh and the reindeer are raring to go!

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Comment September 2018

Goodbye hot and sticky August and Hello to the September edition of Soltalk! Have you noticed weird gaps between cars that take you a moment to remember what they are?

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