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Local Headlines - January 2021

Library plot

Nerja is to purchase a vacant plot of land close to the Balcón de Europa for its new municipal library.  The Town Hall will pay €393,000 for the land in calle Iglesia, immediately south of El Salvador church and next to the Biznaga Cafe.  The new 800-square-metre facility will replace the present library beside the beside Sala Mercado, just off Plaza del Ermita.

Forced landing

A light aircraft was forced to land on Ferrara Beach at Torrox on December 1 after engine failure.  Neither of the two people on board was injured and the plane was undamaged.  The trainee pilot advised the control tower at Málaga airport of his intention to make an forced landing and the scene was attended by the emergency services.

Drugs found

Local police in Nerja found 6.8 kilos of marijuana in a vehicle which had been stopped for a routine drink-driving check in Avenida Mediterráneo last month.  Noticing the drug’s distinctive odour, officers began a search and uncovered five bags of the substance in the boot.  The two occupants of the vehicle were handed to the Guardia Civil.



Tax cuts

Nerja is to reduce a number of local taxes by 50% throughout 2021, including those paid by bars and restaurants to have tables outside on public pavements and the industrial waste refuse tax.  The tax rates charged for the occupation of public roads is also under review to make them more equitable.  A six-month delay for the payment of municipal rates without any added interest is also under consideration.   




Torrox boycott

Opposition socialists on Torrox Town Council last month boycotted a ceremony to raise a new Spanish flag in the plaza de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves.  Their spokesperson Mari Nieves Ramírez described as “absurd” the decision to spend €32,000 on a new flag when local people require “help to meet basic needs.”  The 37.5 square metre flag made of recycled plastic is said to be the largest ecological example of its kind in Málaga.

Maserati siezed

The driver of a high-end Maserati has had his car impounded by police in Málaga when it was found to be lacking the necessary documents.  The man has also been identified as the organiser of a party in a Vélez-Málaga warehouse in which 20 people failed to observe coronvirus restrictions.  Videos uploaded to social networks identified him and nine of the other illegal party-goers.





Local News  - January 2021

Heating contract

Nerja is inviting tenders to supply fuel to be used for heating water for the town’s indoor swimming pool.  The one-year extendable contract has a target budget of €35,000.  The pool at the Enrique López Cuenca Sports Centre reopened last October after a 30-month closure while remedial work was undertaken.

Footpath project

Work began on Nerja’s Calahonda beach last month to renovate the Paseo de Los Carabineros, the coastal pathway which previously stretched from the Balcón de Europa to Burriana beach.  The walkway closed in 2002 because of the danger of rock falls and, once fully restored, will form part of the province’s coastal footpath.  The first phase of work, financed by Málaga’s provincial government, the Diputacíon, has a budget of €280,000 and is expected to take four months.



Local News  - January 2021

Boutique hotel

Torrox Town Council has revived plans to turn abandoned buildings in the Colina del Sol area into a boutique hotel with around 40 bedrooms.  The former teachers’ houses hold a privileged position with spectacular views and work is under way to draw up specifications ahead of an invitation to tender.  Mayor Óscar Medina says the project is in an “embryonic stage.”


A crew from the British TV series “A place in the sun” was filming in Nerja last month.  The visit, co-ordinated by the Axarquía Film Office, followed similar days spent in other towns in the east of the province.  The programmes allow British people considering buy property abroad to compare prices and facilities on offer.

Regional News - January 2021

"Neo Nazis" detained

The Guardia Civil in Ronda last month arrested a man who is alleged to have sold drugs to support race hate and terrorism activities.  A second suspect was held in Pamplona following a 12-month investigation.  Officers, describing the men as “neo-Nazis,” seized a Nazi flag and other white supremacist symbols.

Illegal working

A father and his two sons have been arrested in Murica after police raided a second-hand clothing warehouse where 21 migrants were working illegally and in poor conditions.  Police said the business sourced and distributed clothing to African countries for sale and the workers were being paid €2 an hour.  Investigators added there was a “total absence of occupational safety and hygiene measures” at the warehouse in Fuente Álamo.

Express radicalisation

A Spanish national living as a squatter in Madrid was detained last month after he was identified as the author of social media messages seeking to justify recent terrorist attacks in Europe.  He is said to have undergone an “express radicalisation process.”  Investigators say he took measures to avoid detection including constant changes of places to sleep overnight.

Warehouse tragedy

Four people died and 20 were injured in a fire at a warehouse in Badalona early last month.  The three-storey building was home to an unknown number of squatters, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa.  It began to collapse as fire fighters went in to search for victims and survivors.

Brexit advice

Britons who live in Spain have been warned to carry proof of residency next time they return from a visit to the UK.  The British Embassy in Madrid has given the advice because, from January 1, British citizens no longer have the automatic right to enter an EU country.  It says acceptable proof would be the green A4 sheet or the new TIE residence card, a work contract, a tenancy agreement or a town hall certificate to confirm registration on its padrón (local census).

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