Hello and welcome to the April edition of Soltalk. We would like to wish a very happy Easter to all our readers. There may be no processions and large gatherings of people to celebrate, but there are still Eggs! Of the chocolate variety of course! And at least 100 Spanish children in Nerja will be receiving them thanks to some fund raising from local residents, see the story in Smalltalk on page 20. Very well done and a big thank you to everyone involved.

Will we see thousands of British tourists this year or will everyone stay at home for fear of being fined by the UK Government? Let’s see what happens but at least tourism will be able to come from other parts of the world and perhaps too a vaccine passport will be developed.

Meanwhile in the UK, many people are really looking forward to April as those lucky enough to get an appointment can have their hair cut from April 12 for the first time in goodness knows how long!

And we bring you the best news for British citizens residing overseas – they are to have their right to vote in UK General Elections restored. 

In the meantime do sit back with a nice cup of tea (other drinks are available) and enjoy this edition of Soltalk. Let’s hope that this time next year we will be looking forward to a week of processions for Semana Santa once more. Fingers crossed!



Find Nerja’s emergency chemist rota here