Hello and welcome to the August edition of Soltalk. Summer is truly here even if some of the tourists are missing. There are still enough people going to the beach for some to be closed due to overcrowding worries. As usual our news brings you the latest developments in Spain regarding the most over used word this year… Covid-19. As we all have to wear masks in even more situations, we ask if you are getting fogged up glasses every time you exhale? We have some tips for you to help with that, see page 42 for facemask hacks. We also have the answer to keeping fit in silly degrees heat, see page 36 for Aqua Aerobics – exercises you can do in the pool instead of the gym! They’re easy, just use your noodle!

Well… what can I say? I wrote the above last night and woke up to the sad news that many holiday plans have been ruined by the UK Government’s decision to advise against all but essential travel to mainland Spain and to impose a two week self isolation upon everyone travelling from any part of Spain. I just hope this is lifted soon and that Nerja and surrounding areas have enough visitors from other regions to keep already devastated businesses afloat.

I also hope that quick and accurate testing will soon replace this type of sanction. If tests with instant results were available it would make so many things possible, not just travel but theatre, sports, etc. It seems crazy that you even have to self-isolate if returning from the Canary or the Balearic Islands which have lower rates of infection than the UK. It has been suggested that this is because it falls under “Spain” and the computers cannot separate them from the rest of the country. “Computer says no!”



Find Nerja’s emergency chemist rota here