Hello and welcome to the August issue of Soltalk. Some say this month is not their favourite time to be in Nerja, but mostly that is the people working (too hot to do much) especially in the hospitality sector (far too busy). I have never actually been on holiday in August in Nerja but I am sure that makes it a lot more relaxing! Oh and did I mention never moving your car if you park on the street as you will take hours to find another space? Oh the joys. Never mind September is just around the corner…

So school holidays have started in the UK and with it came gridlock on the roads to Dover as people headed to Europe. The same chaos was seen at airports seemingly caused by a lack of ground staff – probably the result of laying so many workers off to save money during Covid. 

A few days earlier the UK reached record-breaking temperatures and of course there was not a single air conditioner to be found. The best place to be for a few days was in the frozen food section of your nearest large supermarket. The glamour! The heatwave spread across most of Europe with deaths of more than 600 people blamed on the heat just in Spain.

Well there is only one thing for it. Find a comfortable seat in the shade, and sit down with a cool drink and this magazine. We hope you enjoy it. 


Sarah Brookes


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