Hello and welcome to the October issue of Soltalk. By the way this is the start of our 18th year of the magazine, crikey it makes me feel old just thinking about it. If the magazine was a child it would be old enough to leave school and get married by now! Wow!

So October is when so many of our winter residents are back in the swing of Spanish life, and many clubs and associations start up after their summer break. There also seems to be a lot happening in the arts this month as you will see when you keep reading.

And October in Nerja can only mean one thing…yes it’s FERIA!!! I know, some people think this is the best time ever and others, perhaps those who live near the fairground, think this is the best time for a mini-break away from Nerja ever. In the past I have heard of Mediterranean cruises populated with three or four coach loads of Nerja residents! Each to their own.

For details of what is on and when go to the Tourist Information office near the Town Hall a few days before the event for timetables and programmes. The Feria runs from Tuesday 9 to Sunday 14 October.

I was enjoying a café sombre a week or so back in my usual café, when we heard sirens as police and Guardia cars and motorbikes dashed passed. We wondered what on earth was going on. A few minutes later the Guardia Civil officers were running back up the road apparently chasing someone.

We later discovered that a boat full of illegal immigrants had pulled up on the rocks at the Playa La Torrecilla, its occupants had made a dash for the streets leaving their possessions behind. By the time we wandered down to look at the boat they had disappeared and it was quite sad to see their carrier bags of clothing scattered around and the boat abandoned. We later found out that they’d all been apprehended but things could have been worse, they could have come to harm at sea as I am pretty sure none of them were sailors and it was one of those very misty mornings.

That and more news can be found from page 9, along with all our regular features and articles from local clubs and associations. And don’t miss Scruffs Dog Show on Sunday October 14, in Plaza España, see the CAS page on page 54 for more information! Enjoy October, and enjoy this issue!

Sarah Brookes

Find Nerja’s emergency chemist rota here