Hello and welcome to the February edition of Soltalk. Let’s hope the world has a better month than January – what with the devastating bush fires in Australia, then the freak storms around Spain (see news on Page 9) and now as I write this the developing story of what could be the worst virus ever coming from China and already cases have been discovered in Australia and France!

By the time you read this issue the UK will have left the EU and will it really matter whether Big Ben bonged or played God Save the Queen? The final result will be the same and the cost of the bongs for ten seconds seems ridiculous. Oh well will the Brits be able to enter Spain ever again? Will we be able to buy duty free goods to bring home? Will we still be allowed brown sauce on our bacon sandwiches in Spain? Ha ha! I am pretty sure that for holidaymakers things will be just the same as always and the bigger differences will be in imports, exports and who can live where.

Those most affected will be the part time winter residents who often stay longer than three months in Spain. According to the website www.gov.uk British nationals who plan on living in Spain for more than three months must register as a resident and on the padrón at their town hall. That has always been sound advice anyway.

Meanwhile sporting fans can take their mind off all these problems and enjoy the Six Nations Rugby this month. See page 32 for our double page planner. And then there is of course Carnaval at the end of the month to cheer us all up! Enjoy February and enjoy this issue!



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