Well not only a new year but a new decade! 2020 reminds me of good vision so let’s hope it is a good year for all of us! And of course it is at this time we think of new resolutions and improving ourselves! So if that is on your mind why not take up Spanish lessons, art lessons or start to do some exercise classes? You will find the information to do all three in this issue of Soltalk. Perhaps you are looking for things to do at this time of year when the beach is not so inviting? See our What’s On page on page 22 plus the information pages at the back of the magazine for ideas.

Of course in the UK all the festivities end after New Year’s Eve but here in Spain we still have the Three Kings day to look forward to on January 6. This is a variation on our own celebrations except that presents are delivered by the Three Kings (Wise Men) and not Santa Claus/Papa Noel. Also children leave water and food out for their camels (not reindeer). I expect it’s a great help for Santa – if he had to visit children in the whole world on one night it might be a bit tough going, at least in Spain he has assistance!

And to mimic the jewelled crowns worn by the Kings bakers sell special cakes called – Roscón de Reyes (Kings’ cake). This is a sweet bread decorated with dried fruits and sugar. Inside, the bakers hide a small prize and a bean. Whoever finds the prize is declared to be King or Queen for the day (a gold paper crown is often provided) while the one who gets the bean has to pay for next year’s cake.

Anyway I do hope you all enjoyed Christmas and that the New Year brings you everything you hope for. Enjoy this issue!



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