Hello and welcome to the July edition of Soltalk. What a great month! Summer is truly here and most people in town are on holiday and feeling laid back and relaxed. It really is a good time to be on holiday as it is getting too hot to do much work! Of course some have no choice as this is their busiest time of the year, so thank you to all of you for serving our food and drinks and running the hotels and cleaning holiday flats! Nerja would not be the amazing tourist attraction it is without all of you!

The big news of the month is Torre del Mar Air Festival starting on July 12.

Earlier in July and also in Torre del Mar, the Weekend Beach Festival will be in full swing. Rachel Britton from Nerja was the lucky winner of two tickets valued at €60 each – see Comment in last month’s issue. Congratulations Rachel, enjoy! We asked the entrants to tell us why they love Soltalk and these were some of our favourite responses:

“It’s my go to read. I love the format and there is always something that catches my eye as I read from cover to cover. Keep up the good work!”

“Because it lets you know what’s going on in the town.”

“Great for advertising your business.”

“Soltalk is really informative!”

“Good format lots of news to keep you in the know and a good range of local businesses. ”

“It’s amazing.”

“It is so helpful with events and advice. You can keep up with everything.”

“Best magazine out. It has everything.”

“I love jottings, looking at the ads for apartments and the Spanish lessons.”

“I love to read Soltalk every month before I start to work!”

“Great local news and info, great variety of articles, love the Booktalk and Spanish lesson but always go straight to the Quotes section of Jottings for a good giggle. Cuppa tea and a Soltalk – lovely!”

“We love it because of the information about Nerja with is really nice because we have a bar in Nerja and can give them to our customers.”

“It’s very informative with lots of interesting articles.”

“Because it’s the voice of the region that I love.”

“Always up-to-date news, good presentation, information about everything :-).”

“Best informed magazine on the coast.”

Thanks so much all of you we were so pleased with this feedback – feel free to tell us anytime!

By the way if you haven’t seen it yet and fancy a giggle, watch James Corden’s Crosswalk the Musical in Paris Les Misérables on YouTube! It is seriously funny, James Corden and his cast renact scenes from ‘Les Mis’ on real zebra crossings in Paris while real traffic is waiting for them to get out of the way. It is definitely worth ten minutes of your time, if only to see the reactions of the general public to their antics. I gave it ten out of ten!

So it only remains to wish you all a great July – we hope you enjoy this issue and have a lovely summer!



Find Nerja’s emergency chemist rota here