Hello and welcome to the July edition of Soltalk. This will be the first magazine to appear in print as well as online since our March issue for obvious reasons. So much seems up in the air in regards to tourism returning to the Costa del Sol. It’s hard to know whether we will be innundated or whether people will all sit nervously at home waiting to see how July goes before venturing on holiday themselves! Many may come from the UK just to have a haircut as their hairdressers don’t start back until July 4th and they all have waiting lists as long as your… well… hair! Also beauticians in the UK still don’t have a date for opening so there could be quite a few people on beauty therapy holidays very soon.

I am an optimist and hope that the worse of this Covid-19 is all behind us but there is always the chance of it coming back and the brakes will be slammed on again, whether it be in Spain, the UK or anywhere for that matter. As it is, just about all large events have been cancelled for a while, such as the procession for Virgen del Carmen, the air show in Torre del Mar and Málaga Feria in August to name a few.

We are so happy we can now bring you a printed version, the only change being that if you pick up a magazine it will be to keep for yourself as we’re told that doctor’s waiting rooms for instance can no longer have magazines for their patients to share… tip: if you have an appointment soon take your own copy of Soltalk with you! We’re also glad that so many of our advertisers feel confident about the future and didn’t hesitate to support us this month. Of course a few are still not open and many will be operating differently but that is to be expected. Here is to a successful, Covid-free summer! Enjoy!






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