Hello and welcome to the June edition of Soltalk. I am writing this on the day Spanish government has added the UK to the list of countries whose residents will not be subject to coronavirus restrictions when travelling to Spain, including the requirement to present a negative PCR test on arrival.” according to El Pais.

From the UK’s side things are slightly more complicated at the moment. First of all when the announcement was made about which countries would be green in the traffic light system I think most were shocked when Spain was pronounced “amber” meaning that anyone travelling to Spain needs to isolate for ten days on their return. Then the Government further muddied the waters by saying that, well, you can’t actually go on holiday to an amber country but you can visit one if there’s an urgent business need or a family member is very ill!

For goodness sake you can either go or not surely? Personally I believe that a lot of UK visitors will start arriving from today but particularly those who have property here and those who are not working so will not suffer a loss of income on their return if they have to isolate. I am sure these visitors cannot come soon enough for many business owners who have been struggling so much in the last year. And with the rather wintry weather in the UK during April and May who can blame anyone for wanting a little sunshine? And with so many UK residents already fully vaccinated they should not prove a threat to the residents we hope.

Meanwhile it’s time to sit back in a sunny spot, with a lovely cup of tea or a cold drink of your choosing and enjoy the latest edition of Soltalk. And breathe!




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