Hello and welcome to the March edition of Soltalk. There is lots happening this month both generally and in this issue of the magazine, we even had to add some more pages! Firstly we have the final weeks of the Rugby 6 Nations and hasn’t it been exciting so far? (She says who has never watched it)! I am sure it has been though!

Two local authors have books out this month – I love reading books by people I have met, as I can hear their voices while I read. The first is by Steven Primrose-Smith and the other one is the second in a murder mystery series by Paul S Bradley. Paul will be signing copies of his new book Darkness in Ronda this month, see SmallTalk for details. I have read all previous books by both these authors and am very much looking forward to reading these new ones, I’d better finish this issue before I get started though.

Of course the highlight for many people in March is St Patrick’s Day on Sunday March 17, see our St. Patrick’s Day tour for details of where to go for the craic! And we’d like to wish all our readers and advertisers (especially the Irish ones) a very happy Paddy’s Day.

residents day nerja soltalkThe following Sunday is Residents Day which promises to be an even bigger success than last year. Look out for the Soltalk stand (see photo from last year) and please drop by to say hello, we’d love to see you. There will be stands for most of the major clubs, associations and charities so it is a great opportunity to find out more about them. Also, there will be entertainment throughout the day on the main stage. If Sunday March 24 is raining or very windy, it will be postponed until the following Sunday. We’ll see you there!

And Sunday March 31 is UK Mothers’ Day, so don’t forget to get down to Smiffs Book and Card shop in time to find a beautiful card and perhaps a gift! They also have a selection of handcrafted decoupage cards which double as gifts and are always very well received.

And finally on the night of March 31, we put the clocks forward an hour! Yes my favourite – all of a sudden a whole hour longer before it gets dark.

We hope you have a great March and enjoy this magazine!

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