Hello and welcome to the May edition of Soltalk. Well last month as I wrote this we were looking forward to the postponed Residents Day but sadly the weather conspired against us and it never happened at all. Following which I had the good fortune to spend Easter in the UK with gorgeous blue skies and sunshine only to look on Facebook at pictures of people attending Nerja’s Semana Santa processions in raincoats! Oh well let’s not get complacent, over the course of the year Nerja will always have the majority of better than UK weather!

May 3 will see the annual Día de la Cruz or day of the Cross. This is where neighbours decorate an elaborate cross with flowers, usually carnations and various other embellishments are added such as shawls, baby lambs, even an apple with a pair of scissors stuck in it! These are then judged and the winner receives a prize. The municipal cross will be installed, as usual, on the Balcon de Europa. Visitors to the different crosses around town can taste typical cuisine of the day and often enjoy music and dancing as well.

Many people will be looking forward to May for one reason and one reason only – San Isidro! Yes the very popular fiesta on May 15 which sees a wonderful parade of horses, horse drawn carriages, bullock carts, tractor pulled floats and even cars with dots stuck on them! Yes and most of them have their own extremely loud stereo playing too!

The parades starts in the town at around midday, goes past the Balcón de Europa and winds its way slowly to the caves at Maro for an all day party. Many join in along the way walking if necessary. Most are dressed in fantastic Flamenco dresses or gaucho suits, and some wear white shirts and red bandanas. Onlookers gather along the route either at cafes, by the roadside or setting up picnics with the friends to enjoy the spectacle, it can take quite a while to go past after all.

San Isidro is the patron saint of Agriculture so it is the day to celebrate the abundance of farming produce – especially the wine and sherry! It is not to be missed! Information on the route the parade will take will probably be available a few days before in the Tourist Office on the Balcón de Europa.

Have a great May and enjoy this issue!

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