Hello and welcome to the online-only May edition of Soltalk. As with the April issue, due to the ongoing crisis we are not able to print and distribute hard copies but have done our best to give you something to read. Of course we have left all our regular advertisers in their usual spaces, however many of them are closed as we put this online, but hopefully some will be opening throughout the month.

There’s lots of news this month starting on page 9 and a very entertaining Jottings (page 24). I was pleased to read BookTalk (page 44) as I realised three of my favourite authors all have new books out in May! 

We would like to particularly thank our contributors who were dedicated enough to provide articles, even though they will not get to see them in print. However we were pleasantly surprised by the increasing numbers of readers we now have online. 

On April 26 it was announced that children in Spain can now go out under certain conditions and Nerja’s beaches are opened for walking with them. It’s restricted to children under 14 for one hour maximum walk between 9am and 9pm. Swimming is not allowed and this is only for those who live within 1km from the beach. Parks are still closed, so play-ground facilities can’t be used. The child must be accompanied by an adult, who must reside at the same address and may take a maximum of three children, and their toys. Those in a rural area can walk in the countryside. Finally, children with fever, cough, or other symptoms must stay home. Still it must be a very welcome relief for them after six weeks confined to home. 

We hope you enjoy this issue and who knows, perhaps in June it will be printed like in the good old days! Stay safe.



Find Nerja’s emergency chemist rota here