Hello and welcome to the November issue! Did you enjoy the Feria? Or were you one of the many who actively avoided it? If you did go I hope you had an amazing time, now we can look forward to Halloween with all the spooky costumes and traditional trick or treating! Well traditional now – back in the day we only heard about it or saw it on the TV in American shows. It seems to have spread world wide now. The highlight of autumn for me as a child was making a Guy and then putting him on the bonfire! Oh and cooking baked potatoes in the ashes, risking life and limb with sparklers, Catherine Wheels and rockets! I am probably showing my age a lot now! And also we always had chestnuts in the winter which are often seen in Spain, being cooked in a brazier on a street corner. Lovely. And don’t forget November 1 is All Saints Day and a public holiday in Spain.

Of course as you well know November 11 is Remembrance Day and Royal British Legion (Nerja Branch) are holding their event on Sunday November 10. And of course we have our traditional November poppy cover.

I was glad to hear that Scruffs Dog Show last month went so well and we also have news from various clubs and associations as many of them take a break over the summer months. All our regular articles are here of course, News, Jottings, Smalltalk, Sport, Health and Books.

We hope you have a good November and don’t worry, Christmas is coming soon! Enjoy this issue.




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