Hello and welcome to the November edition of Soltalk.

I am writing this on the day the clocks go back an hour and we all get an extra hour in bed. I have heard it suggested that perhaps this year we could not bother as who wants an extra hour of 2020? It would be even better if we could put it back a year and try to stop the start of the dreadful pandemic we are suffering around the world! I wish!

One of my favourite stories recently regarding lockdowns has been dubbed “Loogate’. “Drive-in cinemagoers in Chester were almost caught short after it emerged anyone using the toilets, located across the Welsh border, would be breaking coronavirus lockdown laws. Ticket-holders for the Storyhouse’s Moonlight Drive Halloween showings could breathe a sigh of relief on Friday, after the cinema confirmed it had found a way out of the tight spot. Organisers raced to find an alternative venue after it was found that parts of Chester FC’s Deva Stadium are in fact in Wales, which is now subject to a “circuit-breaker” lockdown until the start of 9 November.” The solution? They brought in portaloos, although sadly they had to refund entrance fees for those who live in Wales who were unable to attend. The world’s gone mad!

Anyway we are very pleased to be able to bring you this edition of Soltalk with all the usual news and features, plus ideas for things to do. If you are organising an event locally then don’t forget to let us know in time to spread the news, our contact details are on page 3. I hear Halloween has been cancelled in most places and somewhere in the North Pole there is a very worried man in a red suit hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to Christmas! Enjoy!



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