Hello and welcome to the October issue of Soltalk. This month marks the start of our 19th year of the magazine, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago to me but I expect that is because when you get older time appears to speed up! Or so I am informed. But apparently this is because we do fewer things for the first time in later life. So the secret to not having time whizz by at the speed of light is to do lots of new things. You will find some new things to do in this issue!

Dates are now confirmed for the 2019 Feria – it starts on Tuesday October 8 continuing until Saturday October 12. And October 10 and 12 are public holidays. As we prepared to go to print there was no sign of this year’s feria poster unfortunately and the programme for the event is often only available during the week before so we don’t have that either. You will find that nearer the date at the Tourist information office at the front of the Town Hall. Still it will probably be very similar to last year, and let’s just hope that the “it always rains during feria” prediction is wrong for a change!

Making full use of the large tent structure on Plaza España which is erected for Feria, CAS Scruffs Dogs show will take place on Sunday 13th. For more information click here

Sad news today with the collapse of the iconic travel company Thomas Cook. Our heartfelt sympathy to all the now ex-employees and to all the stranded holidaymakers. What a shame.

Speaking of travel, October sees the return of many “snowbirds” from northern Europe who come down here for winter and boost the foreign population. Thus it is also the month when many clubs and association become more active and you can find information on many of their events in the following pages.

And finally the end of the month is the time for Halloween! Made extra scary this year by being the deadline for Brexit! Will we won’t we leave with a deal? – leave without a deal? – get an extension? – have an election? What on earth was on the news before Brexit came along to fill it up every day?… and what will be on the news after? I dread to think. But being an optimist I will of course hope for the very best that it all works out without too much pain.



Find Nerja’s emergency chemist rota here