Hello and welcome to the October edition of Soltalk. I am astounded to realise that we are now in our 20th year of publishing the magazine! Wow that can’t be possible can it?? But it is. And it is thanks to all our loyal readers, advertisers and contributors so thank you one and all, and let’s hope we will make it to our 21st year despite the difficult situation we find ourselves in around the globe.

It is hard to find anything to talk about that doesn’t mention the pandemic but I will do my best! Who watched the new Great British Bake off Episode 1? If so what did you think of Matt Lucas replacing Sandi Toksvig? I loved the opening few minutes of the show where Matt impersonated Boris Johnson standing at a lectern carrying the sign “Stay Alert, Protect Cake and Save Loaves”. One thing I love about being British is that no matter how dire a situation we find ourselves in, we can still try to laugh about it! Oh dear I did mention the pandemic after all! Still we have to believe that sooner rather than later we will either have enough “herd” immunity or there will be a vaccine which allows us to go back to almost normal. Even testing with faster results would be a tremendous help and they are working on that as I write. Let’s just hope that all the lovely businesses in the Nerja area will be able to survive such a long period with fewer visitors. Well here we are with all our regular features for you, and there are also starting to be a few more events in the area than a few months ago. So, we hope you enjoy October, and this issue of Soltalk.



Find Nerja’s emergency chemist rota here