Hello and welcome to the September issue of Soltalk! At last! September seems to be everyone’s favourite month mostly due to the weather calming down but also I suspect they all look forward to my birthday at the end of the month! ha ha!

Well you cannot switch on the news these days without terrible news about the Amazon rain forest burning, along with many other environmental disasters, and when that seems like too much to bear we get the constant will we won’t we have a deal when the UK “Brexits” (a new verb apparently).

So no wonder our readers would rather turn off the tv and radio and settle down to read this little magazine, well we do have news but you can skip those pages if you want and just read about all the things there are to do this month… There’s the Chanquete World Music in the middle of the month right here in Nerja for the fourth year (click here for details). There is art to see in both Competa and Frigiliana, and the Rio Chillar walk to experience. And of course you can have a bit of a laugh in Jottings as always!

If you fancy getting out of town for a day, check out the International Club who are doing day trips to Gibraltar, plus other events and trips as well. (click here for details).

September is one of the only months in the year without a fiesta to celebrate… Lovely as they are, it is good to have a break sometimes and recharge our batteries ready for Feria!!

I have spoken to some people who think that this year has been quieter than usual in terms of visitor number, but apparently the number of travellers passing through Málaga’s airport in July was 3.8% up on the same month last year. A total of 2,228,460 passengers arrived and departed on 15,887 flights, 2.5% more than during July 2018. British travellers accounted for the largest number of passengers by nationality, followed by domestic travellers, then the Germans and the French. They can’t all have gone to Marbella surely? Statistically that means that we have had slightly more visitors than last year, but maybe they are not going out once they arrive!

We hope you enjoy September and enjoy this issue!




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