Hello and welcome to the September edition of Soltalk. September is of course many people’s favourite month with hopefully slightly less heat, humidity and … people!

Well, did the earth move for you last month? Many said it didn’t just move it shook a quite a lot! In case you missed them, the earthquakes happened late on August 12. And if that’s not scary enough they’ve discovered that an earthquake under the Mediterranean could cause a Tsunami along this coast! However, before you start packing and heading to the hills they also say that the last time that happened was 365 AD. Probably won’t be this week then!

Well what a nightmare the traffic has been hasn’t it? At least when thousands of tourists arrive from Málaga airport they often get a taxi or a bus, failing that they park their cars and leave them alone until the return trip to the airport. But no it seems that this year everyone drove here each day… and then went home again… every day! Thus causing absolute gridlock every morning and evening. Goodness knows why we can’t have a park and ride system like they did for the World Music festival, that seemed to work very well. OK moan over, at least there have been plenty of people about so that is a bonus after the year we’ve all had.

As usual we have all our regular features and for art lovers there are not one but two art festivals to visit, one in Frigiliana

(page 35) and one in Competa (page 20)! Plus fancy a trip to Gibraltar? See page 51 for details of the Lux Mundi trip.

Enjoy September and enjoy this issue!


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