A new call for the autovía junction at Caleta de Vélez to be completed has been made by the national deputy of the Partido Popular (PP) in Málaga, Mario Cortés.  He says that plans for the work have been “stuck in a drawer” since the socialist PSOE party won control nationally in 2018.

When the Caleta junction of the A-7 was built, only two slip roads were constructed, instead of the usual four.  This means that it is possible for vehicles to join the west-bound carriageway but not for traffic to leave, while east-bound traffic can leave the motorway, but there is no way for traffic to join in that direction.

Sr Cortés recalled that the previous PP national government allocated €2.7 million to the project before losing the general election and claims that this cash has since disappeared from PSOE budgets.  He has demanded that the Transport Ministry clarify what the plans really are, and that Madrid commits to setting the deadlines and executing the project.

The President of the PP in Vélez-Málaga, Jesús Lupiáñez, described the junction as a, “strategic point facing the entrance to the historic centre of Vélez and the connection with the Port of La Caleta.”