Drugs and firearms plus cash in Euros and US Dollars were seized in raids on 11 properties in Málaga in a major police operation reported last month.  It was part of a hit against a drugs gang who were using humanitarian aid shipments as a cover for trafficking drugs.

Over 30 people of Ukrainian, German, Spanish and Moroccan nationality were detained with more than 1,000 marijuana plants confiscated in the police raids.  Arrests were made in Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla as well as in Málaga.

The gang was found to be using vans disguised as part of an aid convoy bound for Ukraine.  However, no emergency food or clothing was transported in the vehicle; only drugs supplied by a network of growers throughout Andalucía. 

Two Ukrainian-registered vans stopped in Fuengirola were found to be loaded with 109 kilos of vacuum-packed marijuana, hidden in cardboard boxes.  Four people were arrested at the scene.

Also seized during the operations were bullet-proof jackets and GPS equipment with those detained now facing charges including membership of a criminal organisation, drugs trafficking, illegal possession of weapons and fraudulent connections to the electricity supply network.