Yet another problem has hit the lengthy project to build a long-awaited new health centre in Nerja.  It was in 2003 that the then mayor, José Albert Armijo, signed a deal with the regional government to go 50-50 on the estimated €2.4 million which it would cost to build a new facility, but since then, several sites have been considered and rejected as political wrangling continued.

In 2010, Nerja Town Hall ceded land near the town centre to the Junta de Andalucía and spent €500,000 on preparing it for construction.  However, it was then ruled out because it lies in a flood zone and since then, the site on the east bank of the Chillar river has remained undeveloped and continues to be used as a large, informal parking area.

By early 2017, however, a site, previously considered and rejected in 2008 and 2009, was back in favour.  The area is at the eastern end of the town on open land between the Burriana roundabout on the N-340 and Supersol supermarket, opposite the Nerja Club Hotel.

Last month, however, it was revealed that 4,500 square metres of the 6,500 square metre site does not actually belong to the town.  However, making the announcement, mayor Rosa Arrabal of the PSOE gave an assurance that this would be “easily” resolved in the coming months, and once in municipal hands, the whole site would be ceded to the region’s health department.

Speaking in Nerja last month, regional health delegate Ana Isabel Gonzalez said plans to develop the site have been completed and as soon as the land ownership issue is resolved, the construction work will be put out to tender.