There has a mass exodus of Britons from the province of Málaga in recent years.  According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the number of foreign residents in the first half of 2018 was down by almost 4,000, compared with the same period 12 months earlier, making it the largest drop since 2002.

The INE says that departures were primarily of other EU nationals, most of whom were British, a trend which has continued for several years.  Despite that, the province’s increasing population trend continued, but to a total that was only 0.25 per cent higher than in 2017.  New arrivals are reported to have come to Málaga mainly from elsewhere in Spain, particularly Madrid, followed by Cádiz, Granada and Sevilla.

The INE says there were more than 14,500 foreign residents registered in the province of Málaga in the first half of 2018, of which around 9,300 are from other EU countries, including 4,000 from the UK.  They contributed to the total population of almost 1.65 million, which is a fall of almost 2,000 in six months, the biggest drop in the last 16 years.

Nationally, the INE says the final population figure for 2018 will top the 2012 record of 46.8 million if present trends continue.  At July 1, 2018, the total was 46.7 million, with the year end figure expected to be announced in July.