The administrative offices at the Nerja Caves complex in Maro has been the target of thieves for the second time in six months. The attack comes as the Caves are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the grotto’s discovery.

The latest incident came during the night after Pastora Soler had sung to a packed house as part of this summer’s International Festival. Police say the break-in showed similarities to the previous attack in January when two safes were removed and around €37,000 inside them was stolen. The destroyed safety deposit boxes were later found by a hill walker just 200 metres away.

Staff at the complex believe the thieves timed their attacks for early Sunday mornings in the knowledge that cash from Saturday’s box office takings would not be deposited in the bank until the following Monday. Security is understood to be under review with company tasked to enforce it.

Caves managers say that there have never been any thefts from the offices in the 60 years since the caverns were discovered in 1959, but now, the offices have been targeted twice in six months. It is unclear how much was taken in the latest robbery.