The family of a Málaga man who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in September 2017 have received compensation of €320,000, according to their lawyers.  José Manuel died in an hotel in northern Spain while on a six-day tour from Bilbao to Santander.  Four others in the group of 45 pensioners from La Cala del Moral, including his wife, required admission to intensive care.

The law firm representing the party said the case had proved the poor maintenance carried out by the hotel.  As well as confirming the receipt of the compensation for the dead man’s family, it stated that a further €100,000 for those who were injured has been received from the hotel’s insurance company.

The alarm was raised when a number of the party failed to appear for breakfast and could not be contacted by telephone.  The hotel management used a master key to enter the rooms where they found people unconscious or semiconscious, some having vomited and complaining of severe headaches.  One had suffered a cardiac arrest but was resuscitated before being rushed to hospital 25 kilometres away in Laredo.

Also amongst the 92 people evacuated from the hotel was a party of 17 British school children from Cardiff who had been hiking in the Cantabrian mountains, all of whom were unhurt.  Nine who suffered from respiratory complaints were taken to hospital for a check-up as a precaution.

The Cantabria regional authorities later confirmed there had been a carbon monoxide leak at the Hotel Campoamor caused by a faulty heater which allowed the gas to enter bedrooms through a vent in the bathroom.