A free concert during the annual fair in late July at Torre del Mar descended into chaos when thousands turned up to see the Barcelona rapper Morad.  The concert had to be suspended after 10,000 people crammed into a marquee designed for 2,000 causing panic and a stampede.

Numbers were so great that many youngsters could not inside and began climbing up its outer structure, causing it to begin to sway from side to side, according to witnesses.  One young woman fell from several metres and had to be treated by members of the Red Cross.  Others climbed onto the roofs of portable toilets or onto the roofs of vehicles to try to see the artiste.

In addition, staff working at bars in the fair ground are reported to have been threatened and abused, with bottles of wine and spirits being stolen by the huge crowd which included many minors between 12 and 14 years.  Anxiety attacks and fights, plus knives and pepper sprays, only added to the chaos.

Police said later that there was a “lack of control in the marquee and the surrounding area,” while officers noted that the security perimeter “had been partially dismantled” and used as ladders to climb onto various structures including the marquee.  At 1.05am, National Police were called to remove the artiste from the stage and end the concert.

The official report stated that security at the event was “clearly insufficient, creating a situation of serious risk.”  Those attending the event took to social media describing the experience as “a horror” and “a nightmare” with some fearing for their lives.