The rain which fell in March and April did little to resolve the problem of drought in the Axarquía.  The reservoir at La Viñuela remained at just 16.7 per cent capacity, considered to be a critical level, with water from other areas being brought in to ensure supplies.

Some is being pumped from La Concepción reservoir in Marbella which remains at well over 90 per cent capacity.  Around 100 litres per second can now be moved, thanks to a new pipeline which opened on April 4 to supplement drinking water supplies to the eastern coast.  Restrictions are already in place in the Axarquía in an attempt to preserve supplies for the summer.

Meanwhile, the socialist group in Torrox has called for a working party to be set up to respond to the needs of the municipality’s agricultural and water requirements.  The POSE’s Manuel Villena was the group to meet every two months, and has criticised the town’s Partido Popular mayor for failing to discuss the pending drought.