A football coach accused of abusing 25 minors in Málaga has denied all the charges against him.  The 45-year-old has been in prison in Córdoba since December 2016 when the accusations first came to light.

The suspect had 20 years of coaching soccer at various levels in province of Málaga before he was detained but is now accused by the prosecutor of offences including sexual abuse, exhibitionism, sexual provocation, corruption of minors and harassment of minors aged between 11 and 17 years.  He is alleged to have held conversations of a sexual nature with the players on social networks and to have asked some to send him pictures of their genitals.

His victims, the prosecutor continues, were “uncomfortable” but “kept the conversations going to avoid provoking his anger.”  In return, he is alleged to have offered them alcohol, cash and even a visit to a brothel, as well as promising them promotion within their soccer squad.  However, he allegedly threatened to have dropped them from their teams if they refused to meet his demands.

The prosecutor believes he “took advantage” of his position and has called for a prison sentence of more than 100 years.  However, the coach’s defence say they are dissatisfied with the offences as alleged by both his accusers and the prosecutor, and maintain their client is, “not the author of illicit actions,” which they say will be made clear in court.

A pre-trial hearing was expected before the end of September, with the full trial scheduled for January.