Frigiliana is set to become one of 40 municipalities in Andalucía to provide free internet connections for everyone.  A European project, WIFI4EU, has selected 233 sites across Spain to roll out the initiative with Frigiliana being the only town in the province of Málaga to be included in the first phase.

The aim is to make the internet available in all public spaces and the town is being awarded €15,000 from European funds to make this a reality.  At least ten transmitting nodes are expected to be installed on municipal buildings over the next 18 months.  These will include popular tourist sites, as well as parks, libraries and museums.

Nationally, Spain is to receive €3.36 million of the €42 million earmarked for the opening phase of the project.  Municipalities selected have agree to undertake maintenance of the system once installed for at least three years.  The EU initiative is expected to provide 8,000 sites with free wifi access to the internet at speeds of at least 30Mbps.

The councillor of new technologies at Frigiliana Town Hall, Antonio Manuel López, said he was delighted that a high quality internet connection could be offered free of charge to residents and visitor.  He added that as many access points as possible will be installed, the first of which will be at the town’s tourist office.