Improvements to the playing surface at the José Luis Bobadilla sports stadium in Nerja have been promised by the town’s mayor.  The undertaking last month followed complaints from the municipality’s soccer team and football school.

The school’s general coordinator Juanjo Figueroa said that the artificial surface is in a poor state, partly due to deficient maintenance.  Figueroa also noted that the turf, installed in 2003, had an expected life of about ten years, so should have been changed five years ago.

Major shortcomings in the area have been reported including trip hazards, areas which have sunk as a result of poor drainage, the lack of perimeter fences in places and outdated irrigation systems.  A number of youngsters are reported to have suffered minor injuries after falling on uneven surfaces.

The situation became a hot topic on Facebook during December with calls to find an “immediate solution” for children “who only want to practice their sport in a good conditions.”  Figueroa added, “We do not want to see another year pass and be told that we must now wait until the next year.”

However, good news has come from Nerja’s mayor, Rosa Arrabal, who says that a renovation programme for the centre is in the town’s budget for 2019.  An invitation to tender for the project, which has a budget of €300,000, is expected shortly.