A new parking facility of 1,000 vehicles is planned for Vélez-Málaga.  The town hall is reported to be intending to construct a three-storey car park beneath the paseo de Andalucía.

The expansion of pedestrianised streets in the centre of Vélez has brought the problems of car parking to the forefront once again.  The town hall has been holding consultation with various parties, leading to the conclusion that the best site for a new underground car park would be beneath one of the town’s best-known green spaces.

Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer has made it clear, however, that any such project would be designed so as not to impact on the town’s four iconic ficus trees which stand there.  They are part of a varied woodland of 6,815 square metres which was laid out in 1900 and which enjoys easy access to the historic centre of the municipality.  It is also close to the bus station and the terminus of the presently-suspended tranvía line.

The mayor added that changes in the centre of Vélez are making the streets more pedestrian-friendly, in an effort to revitalise the area and promote it as a focus for wealth creation, employment and trade.