A 60-year-old goatherd from Torrox has been sent to prison provisionally following an incident last month in which a neighbour was attacked with a knife. In a separate fight, a 35-year-old man was injured with a knife in Vélez-Málaga.

The first knife-attack victim is reported to have walked into his local police station one evening with his hands and face covered in blood. He told officers he had been attacked by his neighbour at his farm house in the coastal area of the town known as Carril de Sevilla and was taken to the local health centre. When his wounds were inspected, one was found to be eight centimetres deep.

Officers located the alleged attacker who immediately admitted he had argued with his neighbour. The suspect, who was handed a provisional custodial sentence by a Torrox court, is reported to have a diverse criminal record while the two men are said to have held grudges against one another for some years.

The second incident last month involved a brawl one evening in Vélez’ avenida Vivar Téllez (pictured above) which is reported to have started over an outstanding debt. The injured man received slight wounds, reportedly inflicted by a large knife.

Three people were detained by Guardia Civil officers while the partner of one of those involved took refuge in a police station. She was transferred to Vélez-Málaga hospital complaining of chest pains.