An estimated €1.6 billion in peseta coins and notes remain in Spanish homes, and a charity has now asked for the old currency to be donated to research into Alzheimer’s disease.

The end of December this year marks the final chance for old money to be changed to Euros by the Bank of Spain.  As 2021 dawns, pesetas will be worthless, and the Pasqual Maragall Foundation wants them from you before that happens.  The Barcelona-based charity is targeting particularly individuals whose haul of pesetas is small and not worth much on its own, but which can be added to other donations from around the country.

The campaign, under the title “The Peseta’s Last Mission,” is supported by the telecoms group Masmovíl, with 800 collections points in Yoigo and MASlife shops around the country.  Locations are listed at the website where straightforward donations can also be made.

As well as promoting and funding research into Alzheimer’s disease, the Foundation offers solutions for improving quality of life for patients and their carers.