The city of Málaga is making a bid to host Expo 2027 and last month made public details of the application it has submitted to the International Exhibitions Office in Paris.  The document covers the work involved, the economic and logistical requirements, and the potential benefits.

Málaga plans to promote the event with the slogan, “The Urban Era: Towards the Sustainable City” and intends to focus on the UN’s sustainability goals.  The event would run for 93 days from June to September 2027 at an estimated cost of €859 million, which includes the construction of a site at Buenavista in the city’s south-western outskirts.

Plans indicate a building, 560 metres in diameter, with a central garden, restaurants and a 3,000-seatre theatre.  The Expo pavilions would be set around the circumference, facing inwards towards other pavilions representing citizenship, the environment and innovation.

Some 3.1 million people would be expected to visit the site, with many expected to return at least twice, generating €136 million in ticket sales.  Total revenue from the event is estimated at €321 million.

Costs would include €602 million for site construction and €256 million operating expenses.  The project would generate around 300 jobs in the years leading up to opening, and 3,000 jobs during the exhibition.  Subsidies of €540 million are expected from various levels of government and authorities.

Málaga must now wait until next June to find out ff the application has been successful.  Four other cities are also in the running: Minnesota in the USA, Phuket in Thailand, Serbia in Belgrade, and San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina.  The International Exhibitions Office is presently undertaking Enquiry Missions to each venue to assess the feasibility and viability of their applications.