Málaga, Granada and Sevilla have the most expensive taxi fare in Andalucía, according to a new report from the consumers group, Facua.  The cheapest taxis in the region can be found in Cádiz and Jaén.

Facua compared nine different journeys taken in each city beginning with one kilometre or the minimum charge, another of five kilometres and a third of ten kilometres.  The cost of the each of the three journeys varies by time of day, so the charges for daytime, evening and weekend were included in the calculations which produced the average charge across all nine journeys.

In Málaga this average was €74.46, a figure which has risen 0.9 per cent since a similar study last year.  Granada’s average was €74.27, but this remains unchanged from 12 months ago.

Sevilla is easily Andalucía’s most expensive city in which to hire a cab.  The average in the study came to €77.96, an increase of 3.5 per cent on last year’s study.

The region’s cheapest taxi city is Cádiz with an average €59.81 – over €18 less than Sevilla and unchanged since last year.  Córdoba averaged €72.21, a rise of 1.2 per cent, with Almería’s average €65.78, up 1.1 per cent.  Jaén’s €64.07 reflects a 1.8 per cent rise, while Huelva has recorded no increases and averages €66.23.

Nationally, Tarragona (average €94.81), San Sebastián (€88.31) and Vitoria (€88,23) operate the most expensive taxis in the 51 cities reviewed by Facua.  The cheapest are Las Palmas (€53.39) and Ceuta (€54.45), followed by Cádiz.

However, the study notes that many cities’ taxis charge extra for transporting clients to or from airports, railway stations and ports.  Málaga, for example, charges a minimum €15.21 in daytime and €19.01 at night.