National Police in the city of Málaga are amongst the first in the country to be operating one of the latest vehicles now available to crime prevention forces. Advanced facilities in the cars, known as the i-Zeta model, enable them to operate as mini-police stations, using cloud technology to complete tasks which would normally be done on return to a central base.

The new resources were launched last month by the Director General of Police, Francisco Pardo Piqueras. Ten of the cars out of a fleet planned to total 162 are already operating in seven cities.

Each car is equipped with fingerprint readers for immediate identification, and equipment for scanning identification and other documents, as well as for analysing and receiving images, even in low light conditions. A a ten-inch touch screen and external keyboard means officers can carry out manual checks from the cars, while 400 vehicle matriculation plates cane be checked in one minute, while an individual’s identity, address and history can be available almost immediately.

The i-Zeta is a Toyota Prius full of gizmos including three cameras which make it into the smartest vehicle on Spanish roads.