Investigations have been continuing into 11th century remains which have been discovered in Málaga during construction work on the second phase of the city’s metro system. They are on the site of the future Guadalmedina station, outside El Corte Inglés.

Amongst the well-preserved remains are those of a home whose three rooms cover 60 square metres and show evidence of flooring and a sanitation system. A fierce argument has been raging about what to do with the find which lies in the Moorish district of Al-Tabbanin.

Last month, the region’s Minister for Culture and Heritage said indications suggested that items of value would be transferred for safekeeping while the remainder of the site would be left in situ, protected and covered. Patricia del Pozo added no decision had been taken on where the removed remains would be stored, and called for caution ahead of the final report from the archaeological team. She said that the move would be rapid and would not delay work on the new metro line.

The Al-Tabbanin district was destroyed in the late 14th century during the Christian conquest and was not repopulated for about 400 years. It is known to have been a maze of housing with paved streets, water wells and a drainage system.