The mandatory requirement for face-masks to be worn came to an end on April 20, with a warning from the government to the public to behave responsibly.  However, in certain cases, masks must still be worn.

Face masks are no longer required in the workplace, although employers can still require their use depending on local circumstances.  Legal experts have advised that workers who are asked to wear a mask at work but refuse could be sacked.

The mask must still be worn in medical centres, hospitals and other health centres including pharmacies, although patients admitted to facilities need not wear one.  They must still be worn by the staff and visitors in care homes.

Schools are now be mask-free, as are concerts and sports events, but masks must still be worn on public transport including taxis and minicabs.

Since the pandemic began, almost 13,500 people have died in Andalucía after being diagnosed with Covid-19.  Nearly 72,000 were admitted to hospital, with 7,000 of them in intensive care,  Presently, there are around 600 patients in the region’s hospitals, with about 50 still in intensive care.