Police in Málaga have rescued a 15-year-old girl from prostitution just as she was about to be moved to Granada.  A number of people have been arrested in the operation which began in August when the Guardia Civil became aware that the sexual services of a minor were being advertised on the internet.

palma palmillaInvestigators suspected that the girl was from a Paraguayan family and her mother confirmed that she had run away from home after a number of quarrels, but, although unaware of her whereabouts, had not reported her missing.  The mother also confirmed that photos of a young girl wearing only underwear which had been posted on contact websites were those of her daughter.

It appears that the girl met a man in Vélez-Málaga who offered her somewhere to stay and the possibility of earning some money.  However, he was a member of the gang who then held her captive for a week in the Palma-Palmilla district of Málaga and obliged her to work as a prostitute.

The gang consisted of a married couple and two minors, although there was no family relationship between them, and they forced her to have sex with a number of men before deciding to move her to Granada.  Guardia Civil officers stopped the couple and their victim at Málaga bus station, while the minors were detained later.

The gang has been charge with offences including sex trafficking, prostitution and membership of a criminal gang.  The adults are being held in prison while the minors were sent to a reform centre.