Nerja’s budget for 2022 totals more than €37 million, up 21 per cent on the figure for last year.  The detail was initially approved by councillors during December.

Cash for investments is up by 129 per cent to almost €8.9 million, while the social services budget honours commitments made last year in emergency plans following the coronavirus crisis.  It includes €400,000 for direct financial aid, plus €180,000 for extra staff.

A million Euros will be used to provide 11 affordable rental homes for young people, while €145,000 is set aside for the homes rehabilitation project.  Municipal aid will continue for vulnerable families while free urban transport for the over-65s and children will be maintained. 

Local business development, aimed at the self-employed and small businesses, is allocated €300,000, while the contingency fund will be available to aid those who have suffered from the countryside fire near Maro at the end of November.

Rates, taxes and bonuses which were frozen to help economic recovery in the municipality will continue unchanged.  The 25 per cent discount on the Industrial Garbage Rate, the Occupation of Public Roads and the Economic Activities Tax are included, while other municipal taxes and rates also remain unchanged.

Nerja’s mayor, José Alberto Armijo, described the plans as the town’s the largest investment budget in history.  “It prioritises social spending,” he said. “with the aim of continuing to help needy families, and consolidate economic recovery, making the City Council the main economic engine – a generator of wealth and employment.”