A decision by the regional government has dashed hopes of Vélez-Málaga’s mothballed tram service attracting a larger subsidy when and if it ever is restarted.  The municipality asked to be put an equal footing with Jaén where the tranvía operation receives a 75 per cent subsidy, compared with the 40 per cent offered to Vélez.

The town hall had applied for the system to be classified as being of “metropolitan interest,” but the Junta de Andalucía announced last week that it did not quality.  Public Works minister Felipe Lopez said the Vélez tranvía, in which the Junta invested €30 million, is municipal in character and cannot be considered to be metropolitan or intercity.

Negotiations therefore continue between Vélez Town Hall, the concession holder Alsa and the regional government on whether or not it will be possible to get the trams running between Vélez and Torre del Mar.  Not least is a decision on who will pay the estimated €1.5 million which will be needed for repairs and refurbishment after the system lay unmaintained since it closed in 2012.


The mayor of Vélez-Málaga, says he is continuing to work towards the relaunch of the tranvía, describing it as, “an essential element” in the municipality.  Antonio Moreno Ferrer added that several lines of negotiation remain open.