The regional government is to take control of three new wells constructed in the upper reaches of the Chillar river near Nerja.  However, there are claims that the resource was originally intended to be managed by local provider Axaragua.

The Junta considers the wells to be a “structural” resource and as such will be managed by the Environment Ministry.  It says it has invested €3 million in the last year to ensure adequate drinking water supplies and it expects the new wells to be ceded to them by the Mancomunidad, the association of east coast municipalities.

It adds that the wells could generate between five and seven hectares of water a year, and will be brought into use when necessary and when resources held in the La Viñuela reservoir are falling low.  The reservoir is presently at around 36 per cent capacity.

Water from the wells will be sold to Axargua, the Junta says, as happens with water from the reservoir.  However, it remains unclear when the new wells will be put into use or whether this would require a drought being formally declared.

Nerja’s business association AEN, along with a number of farmers in Nerja and Frigiliana, claim that the draft agreement on the wells submitted by Nerja Town Hall stated that they would be managed by Axargua,