Tourism authorities in Málaga have complained about the “retrograde” image of the city as portrayed in a new Netflix film. The comedy-thriller “Murder Mystery” features an American couple, played by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, travelling around Europe.

However, when they arrive in Málaga, they are greeted by a gypsy wearing a flamenco dress, a man with a guitar and a travel guide dressed in a red shirt and yellow jacket, the colours of the Spanish flag. The guide from “Gonzales Tours” then ushers them onto an old bus to continue their journey, despite all Málaga transfer coaches now being comfortable and air-conditioned.

Critics add that the tour company name should be spelled “González,” for accuracy. However, perhaps none of this is surprising as no scene of the movie was shot in Spain; it was made in Montreal and Italy.

The Costa del Sol Tourist Board said they were, “more surprised than indignant.” Spokeswoman Fátima Oliva described the image as “retrograde,” adding that the producers seem to have used memories of Spain as it might have been 50 years ago.

“It’s a very old fashioned idea of life here,” she continued, “with a gypsy at the airport and all that. Málaga has 37 museums and has become an important cultural tourist destination.” The Board has now invited the production company, Happy Madison, to visit the city to find out “the reality of Málaga and the Costa del Sol.”