Rincón de la Victoria has finally completed the deal which brings the town ownership of the Cueva del Tesoro, one of only three known marine caves in the world.  Its formation is believed to have occurred in the Jurassic age and it is now an asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) in the province of Málaga.

The tourist attraction has been the subject of litigation between Rincón and its owners, the Lara Zerón family, who first opened the cave to the public in 1991 after they had come to an agreement with the Town Hall.  In 2009, the municipality began the legal procedure to acquire ownership of the site.

On April 14, the town paid over €4.9 million to the family in compliance with the final judgment by the Supreme Court last October.  A further payment of more than €2 million to cover interest will be paid between now and 2026.

Rincón’s deputy mayor Antonio Fernández described the move as “an historic day” for the town.  “It is a world heritage site of the first order, which becomes public property,” he said, adding that its acquisition by the town “cannot be measured in terms of profitability.”