The Spanish Consul General based in Edinburgh has been recalled after stating that Spain would not veto the application of an independent Scotland to join the EU. Miguel Ángel Vecino made the claim in a letter to a director at the Glasgow Herald in April following the newspaper’s report of a statement by Partido Popular MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons who said such an application would face a Spanish blockade.

The letter was then published in another Scottish daily, The National, on June 6, making public the Consul’s claim that it has “always” been the Spanish government’s policy not to veto an independent Scotland membership of the bloc. It also claimed that there is no queuing system for countries wishing to join and that the statement by Gonzalez Pons was, “his and his party’s exclusive responsibility and not the Spanish Government’s at all.”

Two days later, the Foreign Office in Madrid said that no Consul General is permitted to make statements of government policy without previous authorisation, and that, in doing so, Miguel Ángel Vecino, had “clearly overstepped his functions.” It added he would return to Spain at the earliest opportunity.