The residents group SOHA (Save Our Homes Axarquía) has released the submissions it has made to the authorities regarding new legislation being drafted to replace the current Urban Planning Law (LOUA).  The group is made up of mainly foreign residents who bought homes using municipal licences which later turned out to have been issued illegally, and has been attempting to regularise the owners’ situations for some considerable time.

SOHA says that all of its 12 suggestions assume that the homes can be considered irregular, but not illegal, as their owners paid municipal fees and taxes demanded by their local town hall, after which their building licences were issued, “creating an appearance of legality.”

The group estimates that the new legislation, the Law to Promote the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalucía (LISTA), will force the authorities to review around 600,000 administrative acts, based on the fact that each of around 300,000 irregular properties in the region was issued both a building licence and first occupation licence.

SOHA’s recommendations have been sent for approval to Málaga’s provincial government (the Diputación Provincial de Málaga) and to the body which represents 31 municipalities east of Málaga (the Mancommunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol Axarquía).