A new survey has revealed that more than half the drivers on Spain’s autovías do not use their indicators when overtaking. The study, commissioned by the motorway toll company Albertis, also claims that two-thirds also fail to do so when returning to an inside lane.

The survey, carried out in on the AP-7 in Barcelona, reveals that the practice is on the increase. It says that, since the same time last year, 13.5 per cent more drivers fail to signal when pulling out, and 17.4 per cent more give no indication when returning to a right-hand lane.

A failure to indicate in such circumstances could attract a fine of €200 for the driver. The regulation also applies to other manoeuvres such as entering or leaving a junction, or any situation in which other road users could be put in danger.

The survey also studied traffic speeds and reported that more than a third of drivers admitted at travelling “slightly” over the speed limit. In the case of professional drivers, around 18 per cent of coach drivers and 36 per cent of transport drivers admitted doing so.

The Spanish traffic authority, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), says statistics show that speeding is a major contributor to 26 per cent of accidents involving serious injury or death.

Meanwhile, the DGT says it will introduce regulations to control the use of electric scooters. So far, only Madrid has passed a by-law which bans users from travelling on pavements or in bus lanes.