A 74-year-old British man died after he and his wife both fell into a ditch two-metres deep in Nerja’s San Capistrano urbanisation on March 6.  The alarm was not raised for nine hours at which time the woman regained consciousness and was able to call the emergency services.

The couple, who have lived in the area for around ten years, were on their way home after an evening out.  They stopped at a local restaurant, ordered drinks and a pizza to take away, and then made their way along a pedestrian short-cut which they knew well.

According to local people, the ditch into which both fell was created in 2007 after a flash flood washed away the pathway, and since then has been left open.  Reports say requests for a foot bridge to be installed have been submitted but permission from the relevant authority has not been forthcoming.

A post-mortem showed that the husband died after hitting his head on a rock as he fell.  His wife lay unconscious by his side from 9.00pm, the time at which they are believed to have suffered the accident, until 6.00am when she was able to call 911.  She was reported not have suffered serious injuries but was understandably distressed.

The day before the tragedy in Nerja, an 80-year-old woman died after falling into a similar ditch in Cómpeta.  The incident in the town’s avenida de Canillas was attended the emergency services but the victim died following the accident.